Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is the most important thing you can wear – so of course you want to wear yours with confidence.

Instant Cosmetic & Dental Surgery offers a comprehensive selection of cosmetic dentistry treatments to help you achieve your most beautiful smile. Our state-of-the-art technology and superior technique work hand-in-hand to bring you a smile makeover that’s safe, speedy and of course, aesthetically pleasing.

We are proud to provide each of our patients with a personalised cosmetic treatment plan that will see them through the process of obtaining their perfect pearly whites. Whether it’s a discoloured tooth or a crooked smile, we have the solution for you.

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What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to any dental work that is done with the intention to improve the appearance of your teeth, gums and/ or bite. The focus is predominately on enhancing the dental aesthetics such as colour, shape, position, size and alignment. Cosmetic dentistry works to improve your overall appearance and function of your smile.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services

We have a variety of cosmetic dentistry options to help you achieve a beautiful smile you can wear proudly. The types of cosmetic treatments we have available include:

  • Smile design/makeover
  • Porcelain and ceramic veneers
  • Dental bonding
  • Tooth coloured restoration
  • Clear aligner therapy (Invisalign and Smilestyler).

To learn more about our cosmetic dentistry options, please feel free to get in touch with our clinic. We’d love to help turn your dream smile into a reality!

Best Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne

For the best cosmetic dentist in Melbourne, Instant Cosmetic & Dental Surgery has you covered. We want to give you the smile of your dreams and help boost your confidence. Our qualified dental professionals will provide you with the highest of care while we help transform your smile. Book a consultation today to discuss your smile makeover by calling us on 03 9855 0702 or emailing

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